Holistic Health Therapies Ltd.


Well Being Articular


Contains: Harpagophytum, Sulphate of Chondroitine, Maritime Chondroitine, Chlorydrates of Glucosamine, Curcuma.

Action: Improve inflammatory states; Promote joints flexibility; Appease joints aches and pains.

Well Being Cholesterol


Contains: Guggul, red rice yeast, Sterols.

Action: Assist in maintaining normal level of cholesterol, Contributes in balancing the level of lipids in the blood.

Well Being Circulation


Contains: Blackcurrant; Olive leaf; Red vine leaves; Bilberry.

Action: Improves circulatory comfort; Relieves heavy legs sensation; Favours blood vessel tonus.

Well Being Detox


Contains: Fucus; Ascophyllum; Laminaire; Lithothamne.

Action: Favours elimination; Facilitates the metabolic purification; Contributes to the proper function of the intestine.

Well Being Digestion


Contains: Balm, Dandelion, Sage.

Action: Promotes daily well being of digestion. Assist in calming abdominal pain. Stimulates a good digestion and free intestinal transit.

Well Being Elimination


Contains: Canneberge; Cough grass; White Nettle; Heather.

Action: Favours the comfort of urinary tract elimination; Favours renal elimination; Assist is reducing reoccurring urinary tract problems.

Well Being Hair


Contains: Saw palmetto, Tagete, Water cress, Stinging Nettle, Bilberry.

Action: Assist in controlling hair loss, promotes, hair new growth, reinforce the quality and vitality of hair.

Well Being Immunity


Contains: Propolis; Royal jelly; Thyme; Wisteria.

Action: Reinforce natural defence; Contributes in appeasing respiratory track; Assist in case of extreme physical and intellectual fatigue.

Well Being Men


Contains: Squash seeds, Cough grass, Cranberry, Ginger.

Action: Assist in slowing down Prostate degeneration, promotes comfort of the urinary tract, and masculine vitality.

Well Being Pre Bio Pro


Contains: Fructo Oligo Saccarides, BifidoBacterium Longum, Lactobaccillus Acidophilus, Lactobaccillus Rhamnosus.

Action: Contributes in reinforcing metabolic natural defence, Promotes healthy digestion, Assist in reinforcing intestinal flora.

Well Being Respiratory


Contains: Marshmallow, Eucalyptus, Bilberry, Hawthorn.

Action: Assist in freeing respiratory system. Has a pacifying influence on respiratory system.

Well Being Sleep


Contains: Hawthorn; Matricaire, Verbena, Violet, Linden.

Action: Contribute in improving sleep issues, Avoid waking in middle of night, Promotes, relaxation and calm.

Well Being Slimness


Contains: Green tea; Guarani; Fucus; Pineapple; Ginger.

Action: Contributes to the slimming of the profile; Favour fat burning; Assist in reducing the effect of "Orange skin".

Well Being Starter


Contains: Acrola 500mg (natural vitamin C).

Action: Maintains natural immunity; Assist in metabolic balance; Has an important role in the formation of collagen: bones, skin, hair, joints, blood vessels; Assist in combating stress; Powerful antioxidant for anti-aging.

Well Being Tension


Contains: Grape seeds; Bilberry; Reine des Prés;Olive leaf; Red vine leave; Blackcurrant.

Action: Contributes to ease blood flow and arterial pressure.

Well Being Tonus and Vitality


Contains: Ginseng, Acerola, Guarani, Pineapple

Action: Promotes physical and intellectual performance. Efficiently assist passing fatigue.

Well Being Women


Contains: Soja; FucusAcerola; Hops.

Action: Assist in case of hot flashes; Maintains felinity vibration; Moderates appetite.


OleoTonic products stabilise the interaction between the different systems. They act as antioxidants, Lipids, Glucides, Protides.