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Nutri 24 : Regulates women polarity: the BREAST (Is exclusively for women)


Balances the vital currents of the breast

The breast symbolises the expression of feminity. Mammary pathologies are often connected to a block in the expression of feminity.

The BREAST belongs to the LUNGS-COLON family and are related to the sense of smell.

It can help in the following cases:

  • Lack of expression of one's feminity polarity
  • Difficulty living life as a woman add Nutri 07 and 37
  • For nausea in pregnant women add Nutri 28 and 33
  • Mammary disorders generally and in addition to the other therapy
  • During pregnancy associated add Nutri 28 and 33
  • Hot flashes add Nutri 07 and 37
  • Elbow pains add Nutri 07, 35 and 37
  • To modulate one's voice add Nutri 07 and 09
  • Loss of voice, voice problems add Nutri 17 and 37
  • Difficulty hearing or listening add Nutri 29 and 37

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