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Nutri 07 : VAGINA


Balances the vital currents of the vagina

Governs feminine sexual expression of the vagina and assist women to fing the expression of their feminity and to nourish the vagina.

Benefits from nourishing the vital currents of the LUNG-COLON family, nourishes feminine polarity and relates to the sense of smell.

Use for:

  1. To nourish one's femininity add Nutri 24 and 35
  2. To assist women to express their sexuality add Nutri 05
  3. Any vaginal roblems, in addition to medical treatment
  4. The feminine genital sphere add Nutri 28
  5. Hot flashes add Nutri 24 and 37
  6. Hip pain add Nutri 17, 25 and 30
  7. To balance the viginal flora add Nutri 15 and 30

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