Regulates the Adrenal Glands. Balances the vital currents foe the adrenals.

The adrenals affect muscular tone by their action on the amount of cortisol in the blood on the hydro-electrolytic balance through aldosterone.

They are related to postural balance, centred at the naval. Which corresponds to the embryonic development. This is at midpoint between the 2 poles, cephalic and caudal.

Benefits from nourishing the vital currents of the KIDNEY BLADDER family, it relates to the sense of hearing.

Use for:

  • Loss of vitality and energy
  • Postural balance for women add Nutri 17 and 28 - For men add Nutri 17 and 21
  • Postural balance of the muscles add Nutri 16 and 31
  • Muscle tone for women add Nutri 07 - For men add Nutri 06
  • Weak ankles add Nutri 17 and 29
  • Hearing problems add Nutri 29 and 33
  • To activate the gonads add for women Nutri 29, 33, and 35 - For men add Nutri 29, 33 and 36

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