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Nutri 10 : STOMACH


Balances the vital currents of the stomach.

The stomach assures the breaking down of food and plays an essential role in the digestion of the proteins. The absorption of iron and Vitamin B12 is essential for the forming of the red blood cells.

The stomach expresses the capacity and the zest to take action in life and in one's profession. Stress at work often has a repercussion on the stomach.

Together with the spleen and pancreas, it makes up one of the 5 families of organs-meridians. It relates to the sense of taste.

Use for:

  • Becoming less excessive
  • Acting by force , pushing oneself beyoung one's limits
  • Loss of interest in one' s work
  • Being dominated by one's work
  • To adapt to the end of summer add Nutri 18
  • Pathologies during the weekend that improves on Monday add Nutri 18
  • Functional gastralgia, gastric dyspepsia
  • In addition to any treatment for ulcers
  • Heartburn in pregnant women add Nutri 33
  • To adjust well to end of summer and to the inter seasons add Nutri 18

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