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Nutri 16 : Regulates MUSCULAR function


Balances the vital currents of the muscles

The various aspects of the muscles are strength, impetus, tonicity, elasticity, and coordination. These are in conjunction with the 5 families of organ-meridians.

The Muscles belong to the LUNGS-Colon family and relates to the sense of smell.

It can help in the following cases:

  • Lack of flexibility
  • People who are tense and overstrained
  • Spasmophilia, often it is necessary to combine with Nutri 16 and with another nutriment for their emotional state.
  • Cramps, aches, spasms, muscular cramps
  • Colitis attack add Nutri 05
  • For athletes before and after the event. To facilitate the optimal muscular functioning and a fast recovery add Nutri 02, 08 and 12

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