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Nutri 20 : LUNG Meridian


Balances the vital currents of the LUNGS meridian

Pulmanory respiration is a semi-voluntary act. In the body, this unconscious movement of exchanging gases is also tied to psychological problems with relationships as they relate to one's identity as a man or a woman.

Lungs are particularly sensitive to the season of autumn.

Together with the colon, the lungs make up one of the 5 families of organ-meridians. They are related to the sense of smell

It can help in the following cases:

  • To ease excessive idealism and perfectionism, conformity rigidity or intolerance
  • To find more hope in one's life, more flexibility
  • To be inspired amidst everyday life
  • To eliminate tobacco dependence add Nutri 15 and 25
  • Any lung pathology, in addition to medical treatment add Nutri 15 and 25
  • Loss of breath, difficulty breathing, coughing
  • Chronic fatigue add Nutri 05
  • Lack of muscular flexibility add for women Nutri 16 and 24 - For men Nutri 16 and
  • To adjust well to autumn add Nutri 05

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