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Using Scenar for aches and pain


Success with Scenar Therapy    

My cousin has "Paralysis supranucléar progressive". She recently had a fall over some concrete steps, and damaged the area of her pubis.
When I visited her few days ago, she had still a large lump in her left groin and could no longer urinate or defecate. She was able to do little dribbles and only occasionally. but her bladder remained full Her abdomen was very distended and she was in a lot of pain. She has an appointment with a specialist next Tuesday who has previously told her that she needed to have a catheter to drain the urine for the rest of her life. She was devastated and so afraid of the consequences.
After I give her two treatments of 10 minutes in three hours interval with Scenar. By the end of the second session she passed a large amount of water. Her abdomen size reduced considerably and she felt much more comfortable. The next morning she reported that during the night, she passed water in a reasonable amount, three times, without having to force it and she also had small bowel motions.
The next day I give her 4 similar treatments through out the day.
When I left her she was able to pass water day and night in a normal way.
I stayed another two days and all was well.
She was so grateful....no need of artificial drainage...Amazing and fantastic.
Also the swelling in her left groin has reduced in size.
Unfortunately I had to move on but I am so excited with such a result. I am so grateful I came across Scenar and wanted to share with you this wonderful success.
What a fantastic tool...

Scenar can be used  for:

Pain releif   Using Svenar

Muscle tension

Any injury without an open wound

Bowel issues

Bladder issues

Stiff neck

Long standing shoulder issues

And much more