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Reiki is a non invasive, hands off body, therapy.

Reiki 3

It is about working with positive energies that assist in restoring body balance and wellbeing.

Some time ago I had a client that was in a lot of pain, so much so that she had not slept for more that 2hours at a time for weeks. She could not sit down on a chair; she could not lie-down on a bed “let alone my massage table”. She could not bear anything touching her body (even her cloth were creating too much pressure). She did not eat very much and did not drink much water either. She was stressed to the maximum. She said :"I come to see you because someone told me you could help me".

I must admit, at first I had no idea how I could treat this person, until I thought about Reiki. After much difficulty I succeeded to get her sit astride on my massage chair. I explained that I was not going to touch her at all and that I was going to do Reiki.

After 20 minutes of Reiki she fell asleep on the chair. After about an hour treatment, I woke her up, she got up and came to sit on the chair by my desk and spoke to me very calmly. She suddenly realised she was sitting down on a chair and had no pain.

I saw her weekly for three month. After three Reiki treatment she was able to lie-down on my massage table. She is now well, sleeps, eat and drinks water like a normal person.

This is the most extreme and yet the most successfull case I treated.