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Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels and various lymphatic tissues and organs.

The function of lymphatic vessels is to pick up the excess fluid left behind by the blood vessels and capillaries during the process of hydrostatic and osmotic pressures forcing fluid out of the blood at the arterial ends(downstream) and causing most of the fluid to be reabsorbed at the venous ends (upstream). The remaining fluid can cause edema (up to 3 liter daily) thus impairing tissue cells to make exchanges with the interstitial fluid.

Swelling may occur after surgery, some lymph nodes may have been removed,as a side effect of taking certain medications, at the end of the day, or during infection of any sort. There are many more reasons why edema may form.

One will find that lightly massaging the lymphatic system (lymphatic drainage)encourages the exchange of fluid thus reducing /dissipating the excess fluid.

This technique can be shown to you and you can treat yourself on a daily basis on specific areas, as a support to full body lymphatic drainage.

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